CES 2014, Las Vegas: Focal Dimension – The sound bar revelation

Focal will be taking advantage of CES 2014 to confirm its reputation and ambition more than ever by revealing its new gem of the audio world: Dimension sound bar, which is already one of the most anticipated audio products of 2014. With five patented ultra-flat speaker drivers covering a very wide bandwidth, Dimension opens the way for an array of possibilities for adding sound to your TV, whether it’s for films, TV series or video games.

Being less than 3in depth (65mm), Dimension can be placed in front of the screen or mounted to a wall for a unique 5.0 audio experience. When combined with Dimension Sub, the optional ultra-flat subwoofer on which your screen can stand, Dimension delivers incredibly rich and powerful 5.1 sound over six channels with a total power of 450W. To all you music lovers, this major rendezvous with Dimension will redefine the acoustic codes of the Home-Cinema world with the advantages of integration.

Recommended retail price (piece):
Dimension (1399$) / Dimension Sub ( 499$) / Dimension + Dimension Sub (1699$ ) – Available second half of 2014